Mark Roth, WordPresser

I like WordPress immensely. And I use it extensively.

I’ve pressed it into service for my blogs. But WordPress is more than a blogging platform — I also use it to power some other sites.

I have helped several friends get their sites up and running on WordPress. (Disclaimer: I don’t do ongoing maintenance and development on their sites.)

May I help you with WordPress?

  1. Set up a new installation as a blog and/or a CMS.
  2. Handcraft a theme just for you.
  3. Refine an existing theme or installation.
  4. Track down and fix a problem with your present installation.
  5. Evaluate your site and make suggestions for improvement.
  6. Convert a static site into a powered-by-WordPress site.
  7. Do some guest blogging on your site.
One hour of WordPress work
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Just so you know, for a mighty long time, I have pressed letters into service as words.

Most of that time, I’ve done so carefully; other times, recklessly.

First, with a pencil. Eventually, with a typewriter. Then with a word processor. Finally, with a computer.

The first WP I used was a Brother WP-55. What a leap forward that was from my manual typewriters!

Then second WP I embraced was WordPerfect on my very first PC (a 286, as I recall). I still use WP 6.0 for DOS very regularly. As well as WPWin 6.0. I also have several editions since then, up to WPX4.

The third WP I’ve fallen for is…well…WordPress!

Upped hourly rate from $10 to $15 shortly after 6:10 pm on June 27, 2012.

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Above all, love God!
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